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Coryn is a brand of Saint-Gobain, and benefits from the experience and know-how accumulated by its parent in the areas of production, technology and logistics worldwide. Products Include wheels for thin metal, steel and stone, diamond discs, flap discs, flexible cloth corundum, abrasive belts and flap wheels with shaft, fibre discs, abrasive cloth and paper flexible latex.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives is a company that has operated in its marketplace for many decades and has one of the widest range of products on the market. Their key strengths, in addition to their know-how acquired on the construction and use of its products, is their flexibility of the production cycle, the opportunity to address any problems of adjustment and the ready availability of technical service and expertise.

Coryn’s entire range is designed to meet the need for quality – price ratio of customers by providing them with assistance both before and after the sale. Recently Coryn wheels have been fitted with a new label and specific improvements. All Coryn products are developed and produced in accordance with European standard EN12413 (Requirements for bonded abrasive products).

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