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Customers appreciate two primary qualities of the FAR Company: the ability to give solutions to solve any problems and also to be not only manufacturers but partners who understand customer needs and want to co-operate with them. FAR tries to constantly improve through investments and vocational training for all company staff.

Far’s range of blind rivets includes several hundred standard articles. Aluminium, copper, steel and stainless alloys products with anodized and painted surface treatments are available in different packages suitable for every use.

Threaded inserts are available in steel, aluminium and stainless steel and are highly resistant and of practical and quick use. Available in metric thread from ØM3 to ØM12 with cylindrical and hexagonal different sizes, they are used for many applications. Riveting tools are the feather in Far’s cap. There are more than 30 models, to comply with the most different needs: manual, pneumatic or battery suitable for fastening blind rivets or threaded inserts.

The range of FAR riveting tools offers world-wide advanced articles, from hand tool to oil-pneumatic tools with automatic loading of the rivets.

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