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Formed in 1976, Hy-Ram Engineering Co. Ltd has established itself as a leading design and manufacturer of specialist equipment for both plastic and metallic distribution pipelines worldwide!

Principally working across water, gas, wastewater, landfill and industrial sectors, Hy-Ram provide a range of products and services essential for the provision, installation and maintenance of utility distribution networks.

Hy-Ram’s core product range includes Automated Butt Fusion and Electrofusion equipment, Under Pressure drilling equipment, Squeeze off and Pipe Cutting equipment.

‘In-house’ developments of specialist Water Valves and Fittings have further diversified Hy-Ram’s comprehensive product range. Much of Hy-Ram’s success is attributed to its reputation for good quality and well engineered products manufactured and produced at competitive prices. To achieve this reputation, for many years, Hy-Ram has integrated with major worldwide Gas companies and regional water companies and has developed into an important supplier to the UK utility sector and the wider International markets.

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