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I.S. Varian & Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Brushware, Mops, Paint Brushes, Rollers & Sleeves, Domestic Household items such as Mats, Rugs & Designer Brushware ranges.

The Varian family began making brushes in Dublin in 1856. However, the tradition of the family in the craft goes back even further, to Cork in 1798 when the company was initially formed by Isaac Samuel Varian.

The Company’s Dublin business was situated on Talbot Street in the heart of the city, a location that was a landmark for Dubliners for well over a century. The location comprised the factory as well as a retail operation and Varian’s was a significant employer with nearly 300 people employed there in 1948.

In the past brush making was very much a labour intensive industry highly dependent upon the sourcing of raw materials from all over the world (Russia, India, Africa & South America).Producing an extraordinarily wide range of products, Varian’s were able to sustain high levels of production during the years but particularly the war time and post war periods of the early and mid 20th century.

Today a lot has changed in the world of brush making with advances in synthetics, plastics and processes replacing some of the more traditional materials and production methods. However, Varian’s still sell a huge selection of traditional brushware, a lot of which is still manufactured and assembled in Ireland.

I.S. Varian & Company is still based in Dublin and is 100% Irish owned. Its products are brand leaders in the respective markets of Household, Hardware and Paint/DIY sectors. They are available in all the leading Supermarkets and Hardware stores nationwide.

Varian’s products are synonymous with quality, a tradition in keeping with the ethos put in place by the Varian family over 200 years ago.

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